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Our Organic, Natural Facials

Why we use only NATURAL and ORGANIC products in our facials? Well, that is who we are! It is our LIFE STYLE! We believe:

  • that organic, non processed foods are more nutritious;
  • non toxic, non chemical house cleansers and laundry detergents are safer;
  • pure hair and body  products are better;

So of course we will choose only NATURAL and ORGANIC products/ingredients for our FACIALS and SKIN CARE!

We go beyond just the clean product, we use drinking (5 times filtered and OXYGENATED) water in our facials. Let’s talk about that for a moment. The purpose of the basic facial is:

  • to clean facial skin;
  • to soften the tissue, open pores to increase product penetration;
  • exfoliate aged skin cells;
  • stimulate cell regeneration;
  • feed skin with nutrients.

To complete all these steps we use WATER! Unfortunately we know that we don’t get clean mountain spring water out of our facets (more then 40 harmful chemicals are found in tap water)…, so unless you use drinking quality water you are getting all these nasty chemicals into your body through your   skin!

Report Points to Cancer Risk From Chemicals Used to Treat Drinking Water – See full report at:

In Addition to natural products we use High-end aesthetic equipment to deliver maximum results. Instead of invasive quick-fix options we offer preventative treatments. Micro Current, LED & Infrared, Organic Micro-dermabrasion, Oxygen Infusion, Ultrasound, and Ultrasonic Skin Spatula. Check our Facial Menu for all the options.



 Is to share our knowledge and passion with our clients. Help to beautify the skin using only natural, non-toxic, organic products and highest quality aesthetics equipment.

We are passionate about health, skin care, the community, and our families, and welcome you to our Santa Monica skin care oasis.

Book your Facial today and see for yourself what we are all about!!!

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